16 Dumbreck Road, Bellahouston Park

Booking Policy

Full payment is due at time of booking. The centre cannot guarantee the same Instructor for any private or group lessons. We will endeavour to offer continuity, but due to holidays, sickness and other commitments, this is not always possible and we will not guarantee booking with a certain Instructor. All bookings are made with the Centre not with an individual Instructor. Once Private Lessons are booked they can be cancelled but we need 24 hours notice weekdays and 48 hours notice weekends. Failure to turn up for lessons or cancellation without the required notification will result in the lesson being lost. There is no cash refund available for lessons booked but not completed. Once Group Lessons are booked we require 5 working days notice of cancellation for Group Lessons or a £15.00 charge will be due. Failure to turn up for booked lessons will require full payment for the course. Any lessons booked and changed out-with the cancellation period are subject to a £15 transfer fee. These procedures are non-negotiable.


Safety Requirements

Anyone accessing the Freestyle slope, taking part in Junior Race Training or Freestyle lessons MUST wear a helmet at all times. Please be advised that there will be no compromise on this rule.