16 Dumbreck Road, Bellahouston Park

Lesson Standards

Skiing Standards

Beginner – I have never been on skis before.

Intermediate (1 Star) – I can control my sliding, make linked plough turns down the small slope, and I can use the travellator tows

Advanced Intermediate 1 (2 Star) – I can link plough turns showing correct movement throughout the turn, vary the size of my plough turns and match my skis at the end of the turn.

Advance Intermediate 2 (3 Star) – I can link plough parallel turns matching skis in the fall line. I am working towards parallel skiing.

Advanced 1 (4 Star) – I can make consistent parallel turns showing correct movement throughout the turn, and match my skis from the beginning of the turn. I am working on smooth parallel turns, co-ordination & rhythm.

Advanced 2 (5 Star) – I can perform short radius turns and long radius carved turns, showing good crossover and range of movement.


Boarding Standards

Level 1 – I have never been on a snowboard before.

Level 2 (1 Star) – I can control my speed on my heel edge and toe edge, and can steer my board across the slope using a diagonal sideslip.

Level 3 (2 Star) – I can steer my board into and out of the fall line, on both heel edge and toe edge, using the falling leaf technique.

Level 4 (3 Star) – I am able to perform individual basic turns, toe edge to heel edge, and heel edge to toe edge.

Level 5 (4 Star) – I can link a series of turns maintaining balance and speed control. I am wanting to improve my performance for steeper slopes, different snow conditions and freestyle.