16 Dumbreck Road, Bellahouston Park

Slope Use & Open Practice




Members! Remember you are entitled to use the slope free of charge, with a reduced cost for hiring rental equipment. You are also welcome to the club on Tuesday evenings, where slope use is restricted to members only!


Opening times:


The slopes are open from 10am to 9pm. Please be aware if the following times when slope use is restricted. If in doubt, check our online calendar or call the office on 01414274991 before travelling.

  • Anytime: access to the freestyle slope may be restricted for up to 1 hour due to tubing parties.
  • Monday: the freestyle slope is closed from 6pm onwards for freestyle training.
  • Tuesday: members can access slopes and hire equipment for free. All slopes open all night.
  • Friday: during school holidays, all slopes are closed from 9am to 4pm due to ski school activities. From January to April, the main slope and small slope are closed from 5pm onwards due to race training.
  • Saturday: on occasional weekends the main slope will be closed for race events. From September to April, the main slope and small slope are closed from 5pm onwards due to race training.
  • Sunday: From September to December, the main slope and small slope are closed from 5pm onwards due to race training.


Access and Hire Equipment Costs:


Slope Use Boot Hire Ski/Board Hire Family Ticket*
Member  Free  Junior – £2.50

Senior -£3.00

Junior – £2.50

Senior – £3.00

Non-Member  Junior – £6.00

Senior – £7.00

 Junior – £3.00

Senior – £4.00

 Junior – £3.00

Senior – £4.00
















Discount Rates:

Students are eligible for junior rates on presentation of current matriculation card.

Family ticket includes use of slope and tow and all equipment hire. There is no reduction on family ticket if own equipment used.

Family ticket discounts are for members of the same family only.




In the interests of safety, all skiers and boarders on open practice must be able to perform to our minimum standard:

Skiers must be able to demonstrate controlled snowplough stop, linked turns and use of the travellator tow (intermediate level).

Snowboarders must be able to demonstrate a controlled descent using tow & heel edge, and a diagonal side-slip (level two).

In order to access the freestyle slope, skiers must be able to demonstrate linked parallel turns on the main slope (advanced level). Snowboarders must be able to demonstrate linked turns on the main slope (level four). Helmets MUST be worn at all times on the freestyle slope and should be provided by the participant. We have a small stock of Helmets available for use.



  • All slope users must be able to demonstrate the minimum standard required otherwise they must take instruction prior to free skiing.
  • Teaching by members of the public and club members is not permitted, regardless of experience and qualifications. Only instructors employed by the club may teach on the premises.
  • Gloves, long sleeves and trousers must be worn at all times.
  • Personal equipment must be safe and well maintained.
  • Snow poles are not to be used on the slope unless fitted with a rubber guard.
  • HELMETS MUST BE WORN at all times when on the freestyle slope.
  • Customers are advised to provide there own Helmet.