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Glasgow Ski Racing have been very successful over the years in developing champions, racers who have come through our Club include the likes of Pam Thorburn (current Ski Cross GB Team member), Lynn Sharp, Christy MacKinnon, Fraser McKinnon, Rochelle Travers, Shannon Travers, Paul McMillan, Derek McMillan, Sandra Wilson, Robert Birrell, Neil Flemming, Jude Flemming, Scott McBain, Alaistair Stang, Scott McWhirter, Graeme Price, and currently Nicole Ritchie, Euan Kick, Zak Vinter, Fraser Middleton & Owen Vinter.  All British & Scottish Team FIS Athletes.



Much of this is down to the superb coaching team we have on board, huge thanks must go to all the coaches who developed many of our GB Team athletes – Dates are approx


1987 – 2000 Colin Beck, Joe Armstrong, Dave Whigham, Stephen Newlands, Alan Bunyan, Andrew Prenelle, Brian Dickson & John Flynn.


2000 -2010 Colin Beck, Mark Vinter, Robert Birrell, Neil Fleming, Jude Fleming, Derek McMillan, Lynn Sharp, Scott McBain & Ali Brown.


2010 – 2017 Mark Vinter, Christy MacKinnon, Viki Williams, Ali Stang, Scott McWhirter, Scott Dallas, Conway Williams, John MacBrayne, Sharon Coats, Gillian Glover, Peter Wilson, Nicole Ritchie & Graham Jack.



Current Coaches

Mark Vinter



Mark Vinter has been coaching for GSR for the past 20 years, he has been the Head Coach for the past 10 years.  Mark has brought many kids through the Club on to the National Team and continues to develop the Minis & children in our Club, preparing them well for FIS.  Having two boys who have been through the system gives Mark a great deal of experience in navigating children through the highs and lows of competitive ski racing.  Delighted winner of the Children’s Coach of the Year and Coach of the Year 2014. Mark is proud of our racer’s achievements, but also understands that our Club delivers more than just medals; friendships are made for life, lessons are learned, and strong, healthy kids become engaging young adults.



Coaches Alastair Stang, Christy MacKinnon and Viki Williams have been instrumental in the development and success of GSR over the last 5 – 10 years.  All three are outstanding coaches, they bring a great deal to the table and we feel very lucky to have them part of our team.  All three spent part of their youth participating in the GSR Club training programme, which has given them a desire to return from racing and work with the next group of athletes coming through our Club.

Ali Stang, Christy MacKinnon & Viki Williams


Viki who works full time in outdoor education, has been the Head Coach at the World Schools and represented GB on the coaching front at recent Children’s International Races, although her biggest achievement to date must be working alongside Mark Vinter for years without killing him!  Christy & Ali are both previous British Team athletes who have represented Team GB at multiple children’s International races, European & Youth Olympics and for Christy, Europa Cup races.  With this kind of experience and depth of understanding, all three coaches know first hand the challenges facing athletes today, however they have all the skills to support the racers at GSR to reach their potential, whatever that may be!