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Full payment is due at time of booking. The centre cannot guarantee the same instructor for any private or group lessons. We will endeavour to offer continuity, but due to holidays, sickness, and other commitments, this is not always possible and we will not guarantee booking with a certain instructor.  Once private lessons are booked they can be cancelled but we require 48 hours notice to do so. Failure to turn up for lessons or cancellation without the required notification will result in the lesson being lost. We are unable to provide refunds once lessons have been booked. 

We operate regardless of weather and lessons will go ahead as normal unless notified.


If you are looking to cancel or reschedule any group lesson booking this must be completed before the block starts. Once the block has started we are unable to reschedule or refund.

- If bookings are cancelled with at least 5 working days notice then a full refund will be issued.
- If bookings are cancelled with at least 3 working days notice then we can reschedule to another group.
- If less than 3 working days notice is given then the booking will be lost.

Catch-up lessons are required to be taken before the end of your current course and are limited to one per course of lessons. Catch-up lessons are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

It is now club policy for under 16's to wear helmets whilst on the slopes. Any child learning to ski in level 1 and 2 can borrow a helmet until such times they purchase their own. Children learning from Level 3, 4, 5 & 6 must provide their own helmet.

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