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Practice Sessions


The Dual Slalom Series comprises of nine regional qualifying events around the country during September / October.  Each event is a friendly round-robin dual slalom race, with teams racing in a Primary or Secondary event, either P1 – 4 or Primary Open P1 – 7 and Sec 1 – 3 or Sec Open 1 - 6.  Each race is a head-to-head relay, with each team scoring points.

In the few weeks running up to the event we would like to offer Instructor led practice sessions on the ski slope to introduce and develop ski racing skills, or to help with the ‘team selection’ process.  The sessions can be booked as a group, by the school or a parent representative.  They can also be booked on an individual basis. The cost of each session to the children will be £12 per child which includes equipment.  Children must supply and wear at all times a helmet suitable for the activity.  (One can be borrowed in an emergency). All Children must be at least Level 3.

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