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COP 26 - Travel Disruption

COP 26 - Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre would like to update on our position.

Dear members & customers,

Prior to your visit with us, we wish to remind you of the changes to the flow of traffic coming in and out of Glasgow over the next 3 weeks due to COP 26.

31st October to the 12th of November is the official dates of the event, however restrictions will be in place before and after the event. Due to the duration of COP 26, we are unable to close or cancel business at the Club, therefore we will operate as normal.

Our customers and members are asked to factor in plenty of travel time to your journey in order to visit the Club. We encourage you to attend your lessons as normal and leave lots of extra time, along with planning a new route to access the Club.

More information regarding road closures can be found here

Many thanks

Julie Vinter

Centre Manager



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