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Glasgow Freestyle

In the below, we summarise some of the upcoming events for Summer 2023. Topics include: our 2023 Summer Freestyle Camp, the upcoming open jam \ airbag session, the Scottish Dryslope Slopestyle Triple Crown competition and the Last Night Jam. For any questions or queries, please contact the office at 0141 427 4991 or email

2023 Summer Freestyle Camp A reminder to everyone, we are open for booking onto our 2023 Summer Freestyle Camp! The camp runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday on the 17th to 21st July, and you can book online or phone the office at 0141 427 4991. We encourage everyone in the programme to get involved. Each day offers a variety of on and off-slope activities, and the camp is a great opportunity to develop your freestyle! You can look forward to on-slope jams and trick-focus sessions, along with games in the park and strength and conditioning to boost your fitness. As a part of the camp, we are working on holding a midweek session at The Loading Bay: an indoor skatepark and parkour gym. In addition, you will receive an invitation to our open jam session / airbag training on the Saturday following the camp (22nd July), with exclusive access for freestyle programme and Summer Camp trainees. We welcome all members of levels 5+ onto the camp, so invite your friends too!

Glasgow Freestyle Open Jam / Airbag Session Following our Summer Freestyle Camp, we are offering an open jam and airbag session on Saturday 22nd July! These sessions are exclusive access to all those booked on to Summer Freestyle Camp and current members of the Glasgow Freestyle programme. For those eligible, the airbag session is a great opportunity to hone new skills and expand your trick arsenal. In tandem, we are holding an open jam session on the freestyle slope with music and coach support! With the final stop of the Scottish Dryslope Slopestyle Triple Crown being held on the Sunday (23rd July), hosted here at Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre, these two sessions will be invaluable practice for the competition.

If you are interested in participating in the open jam / airbag session on Saturday July 22nd July, please respond via email to as soon as possible. This is essential if you would like to participate!

Scottish Dryslope Slopestyle Triple Crown We are excited to announce that Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre is hosting the final stop of the Scottish Dryslope Slopestyle Triple Crown on Sunday 23rd July. This freestyle competition is open to all, and you can book online at calendar/. The competition is part of a series with the first stop at Aberdeen (Sunday 25th June), the second at Hillend (Saturday 8th July). We encourage everyone to get involved and get booked! These are great days to have fun and meet other riders in the freestyle scene from all over Scotland. The following inset offers extra insight into the competition and has been extracted from

ABOUT: The Ellis Brigham and Snowboard Asylum Triple Crown is Snowsport Scotland's annual slopestyle tour. For 2023 this tour will be a three stop dryslope tour. Within each event there will be three separate competitions:- THE CROWN JAM This open jam session reframes practice to an hour of warm-up laps where entrants can get dialled into the course, work through their tricks with chance of winning spot prizes. A no pressure session with judges on hand to cheer on progression, falls don’t count only the stoke! THE JUNIOR CHAMPS For the under 12’s the Junior Champs reduces the course to a smaller line to suit the age and ability of these competitors. The Junior Champs is close to a jam format but with a more considered structure. After a briefing explaining the course and rules riders will get a practice window before taking a number of judged runs in a designated drop order. The number of laps will depend on the course length and rider energy but 5-6 runs is the usual. THE CHAMPIONSHIPS With the Crown Jam warm-up done and the Junior champs complete it is time for the big dogs!! The championships is the 2 + 2 run slopestyle for Under16’s, Open and Masters categories. On the full course each competitor will have 2 qualifying runs judged as per the Overall Impression system. Each rider will be ranked on their best run with the top riders taken to a final. FULL RULES AND INFO Jimmy Fitzpatrick Freestyle Coach


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