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Membership Update

As you will know the Club Closed for business on Friday 20th March 2020, until further notice, and we will be directed by the government on the appropriate time to re-open.  It’s very important that we all contribute our best efforts in this fight. As previously stated we will honour our lessons on return to re-opening.   We would like to address our membership fees over the next 2, possibly 3 months. The Club ideally need the support of the members at this time, what could be £7.50 per month for a Junior and £16.66 per month for a family, works out at as essential income per month to the Club that could potentially help us through this crisis, as we have regular costs to meet in order to survive. For the immediate time being we are looking to not be making any adjustments to the membership system. We are wishing our members all the best in these times and fully appreciate individual circumstances, the support of our members is important to us.  As a Club we will keep in touch with our members often through the coming weeks. Take care Julie Vinter Centre Manager


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